Sun circle circuit above the earth. 

Sun circle circuit above the earth. 

On November 3, 2018, when viewing the approach of the sun in the morning, the position of the sun is Southeast of the viewing location and in the evening position of the sun is Southwest of the viewing location.

June 24 2018, the approach of the sun to my house came from the Northeast and its departure from the house was to the Northwest.  Also, it was very near solar noon with almost a 90 degree position above my house, Dallas Texas.

The chart designates the angle of approach and departure of the sun as well as at solar noon the angle of your view of the sun’s location (Altitude) in the sky.  Observation:  the sun travels in a circle circuit above the earth.  

Provided the website data is correct, I believe the sun’s distance from earth can be triangulated utilizing the Altitude angles for data of cities that are positioned on the same longitude.  Perhaps the angles of approach and departure can be used to prove a circle circuit above the earth. 

I do not know math (geometry) well enough for the suggested proof presentation.  If interested in helping me, please contact me:

I know the chart is not complete, I do not know how to get the complete image into the blog.  Note:  the same data is available for the moon, it might be possible to triangulate the distance of the moon from the sun.  It might well be there is an optical illusion with the sun and moon as to approach, solar noon and departure path of the sun which would corrupt the accuracy of the data.




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