My Journey to

I started realizing that things are not what they seem. Granted that I was already fairly into my 40’s. I went on a crash course of nine 11, sandy,etc..etc…Then I asked(prayed for the truth).

That Crazy Notion by Matt Boyland. I remember photo or painting before anyone had a flat earth shirt,I remember Eric before he was controversial. I remember drunk dialing Mark K Sargent and talking to him. I remember I used to smoke cigarettes. I remember I used to eat meat. I remember when I used to hate being wrong(now I realize I am learning truths). I remember things that can help

I have lots interest. Truth,flat earth,gardening,organic,aquaponics,art,music,family,sustainability…

I want to help. If I can.

My Journey continues…




I honestly want to help. We feel it in our hearts.This photo is of my granddaughter and myself.Taken by my wife at Franklin Park Conservatory Columbus Ohio.

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