I’m getting tired of what they’re spreading over our heads!

I’m getting tired of what they’re spreading over our heads.
My plants are burning off, by the sun even those standing behind the windows.
Last year I put some white protective curtains up in my greenhouse that helped.
but I do not know if they lose their effect, for now burn the plants again even if I have protection o the curtains on.
so all solutions to this problem are welcome thanks.

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  1. I am sure most of us here feel the same helplessness about the spraying. The only thing I feel I can do is point it out to people. I thought about getting a giant foam finger, paint “look up” on it, stand on the curb and point the at the trails. People really can not see it.

    1. I think a lot see it but don’t think or care or bother to look into it 💟💟

  2. I have been to some local Chemtrail events. It’s really weird that two hundred random people can meet at a park and have a very different daily life experience than the rest of the cars that are driving by. It’s frustrating but it simply means they’re doing a very good job at fluoridating people and broadcasting lies, as well as keeping people very very busy 🙂

  3. It seems as though that sentiment carries several ways. Part of the pain is realizing most people (including loved ones) have been damaged and they don’t even know it.
    It’s like something is missing but it goes on undetected. The Truth is that we’re trapped for a time in these carefully created meat puppet bodies.
    They’re our interface tool into this amazing complex reality. If they get damaged then we can only receive part of the experience. Like watching the TV with sound off,,, I mean We can’t hear a dog whistle but sparky can, does that mean it is or isn’t there?
    My friend has always been colorblind, he never noticed that part of the show is missing until he put on special glasses and it hit him hard how much vibrance is missing,,, he cried.
    There is so much poison being administered and from so many sources that they are being slowly absorbed and our perception is being reduced.
    I see it daily, I keep notes on other peoples decline. I take steps to insulate myself from this decline. I’ve had several paranormal occurrences and I know that we cannot see most of what is around us. In time I will share what I’ve learned,, this turns out being some kind of game like “ last man standing”. I don’t like it but I know it’s real and I take what is happening seriously.

    1. That’s the sad bit they don’t know they don’t know but once you do everything has changed
      Not sure how long ago you write this
      thank you 💟💟

  4. It seems to me the overiding factor why folks don’t think anything of the chemtrails is because they’re waiting to be told what to believe by someone in authority before they can extend their mind to it. That is to say, that if no one in authority has informed the public mind that there is a point of concern, then there won’t be any concern.

    Check out this wee cartoon of Plato’s Cave allegory, for a better exposition:


    One solution may be better educating ourselves. The Trivium method may be a good place to start:


    “Those who will not be goverend by God will be ruled by tryrants” – William Penn

    “A government big enough to give you evrything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.” – Thomas Jefferson

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