I Am Here To Help!

How may I help you?, anyone, everyone, anything…I am going to try to help everything. I am not here to judge.


I honestly want to help. We feel it in our hearts.This photo is of my granddaughter and myself.Taken by my wife at Franklin Park Conservatory Columbus Ohio.

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  1. I’m on board and will help where I can and support the cause 👍😉

  2. I’ve had a t shirt idea. Across the back ” How may I help you?” with a tap here icon on the shoulder. We need to be a great representation of the good in humanity. We are the people for people.

    1. All ideas are good yeah 💗❤️💟

      1. Great talk with Crrow today. You are doing a good thing over there on yt. That family is the only reason I fell like I can comment without ridicule. Thank you Karen.

        1. Rich thank you my sweetie you will have to come oi me on sun abs moon soon again 💟💟


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